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Hi Karen, Thank you for this question. There is actually NO correlation between Google PageRank and web traffic. In other words, a site with high pagerank does not mean that it will get more traffic than a site with low pagerank.

Ultimately, you really don't need to worry much about Google Toolbar PageRank. Instead, focus on providing quality and unique content. Make sure to optimize your website's code so that search engines can easily crawl and index the site. Advertise on other relevant websites to get in front of your target audience. Look into setting up PPC campaigns with Google AdSense, YSM, and Microsoft adCenter.

What do you think?

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I really enjoy reading all Jay's comments. They are very insightful.


it is very controversial Topic... Unless you have good page rank your website would not be available on SERP [Search engine Result Page] on competitive key Phrase, which direct effect your website Traffic... YES Also Proper Anchor Text also help to get good SERP.

As we know Only Google give PR facility.. but we need to go for SEO optimize for all SE including google.

Conclusion is Proper Anchor Text with Good PR help to increase website visitor.



PageRank (Google PR) and ranking in the SERPs (search engine positioning results) have no real corelation. Study and apply the search engine's own requirements for successful intergration into their SERPs. Forget about ranking short-cuts and pay attention to optimizing your on-site web page components. Develop to greatness, don't manipulate towrds it.

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