Google offer a free "key word" generator that you can locate by search.

Here you can organically find what words are of value and discount the others that are not. I use this tool to rank all of my websites and it is all free. All of my blogs are on the first page of Google due to just adding the right key words and phrases. Some have been more competitive than others. In most cases you'll at least do well with such tool.

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Thanks for sharing. The other search engines also have similar tools and I do recommend you to check those as well if you are using Bing/yahoo ad PPC.

This is certainly very handy especially for me “clumsy with key words”.

Hi,Thanks for information I was really searching this type of information.

Google adwords is really helpful for my keyword research. I will try the new function you mentioned. Google insights for search is also very helpful.

Well I used this tool many times but now I will use with new methods which you mentioned above.

Thanks for sharing.

Ya its a grate tool to search right keyword.
Thanks to share.

Yes its also a very usefull tool for searching keywords

Yes google adword keyword tool is very helpful, thanks for sharing

yeah its great and helpful as well... most of the seo's use this tool as a keyword refining tool...

Great tool indeed. I constantly wwrite articles and new content for my sites and keywords and keyword-phrases are a must these days. Google also has a nice LSI tool. You guys should try that too.

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