Forum Posting or Bookmarking ?

You can have more benefits if you used both :)

both method are important part of seo process.

we can not judge it ,because both are essential seo activites . both togatherly help you to get more baclinks on your site.

Both are free. Why choose? The more you do the better. It definitely takes a well-rounded SEO campaign tackled from as many angles as you can.

both are equally important as part of SEO...


I think we could use both of them. While, in my own experiences, forum signature links would have an extra benefit of that we could change the anchor text in batch mode according to our keyword strategy modification. :)

all the best,

You should use both if you really want to get huge traffic to your site. First you do forum posting and then bookmark it any 2 or 3 bookmarking sites.

forum posting and social bookmarking is equally impotent. both need high PR submission and traffic...

Both have equal importance, you can't afford to leave any step, if opting for serious SEO

I also believe that if you use both then you can get more benefits rather than giving preference to any one. Because you can get more and more traffic from social bookmarking and forum posting is also best wayto increase traffic as well as to get more backlinks.

For me, Both are important. Especially when you are a SEO. As jannethden says, both are important you can't afford to leave any step.
But the real question is, Which is more beneficial right?
For me, I think Forum Posting can be much useful than Bookmarking. Because some bookmarking, can be deleted right away.

I would go for both but primarily; would vote for Bookmarking.

1. Good traffic
2. Targeted visitors
3. Content marketing

However, Bookmarking might not be a good option for every niche/site. But still, it's a good source of bringing traffic.

Good luck with your traffic.

Forum Posting or Bookmarking ?

Both are equally important in SEO. but, i personally think, forum posting is more beneficial than bookmarking.
it helps to get more more back links for your website..

Both are beneficial for optimizing a website. If you are bookmarking in a Do Follow website and your forums signatures are Do Follow then both have equal value

Well both are way of getting fast backlinks.. You cannot ignore any of them.. but i really love to do forum commenting because i learn lot of new things from the forums!

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