Hi All;

I need to understand something and the direction i should go in, I have a site index and listed in all engines, it has a blog and a blog roll on it but this is the problem that i need your expertise on:

i generate links to the http://www.mysite.com but my blog on the same url is listed this way http://mysite.com/blog... my question is am i penalizing myself by building links to the http://www.mysite.com while posting new articles to the blog on http://mysite.com?

does this look like 2 sites to the search engines?
is this confusing or penalizing me on my seo?
should i link build and blog to the same http://mysite.com or does it matter?

my site is indexed in google with the www. and in yahoo without?

any sugestions would be greatly appreciated, i need your imput


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You should try and be consistent. If you use both:

www. mysite.com/blog

then you will get the same page indexed twice and probably flagged as a duplicates.

There is no penalty for this but you may end up spreading out you pages "link juice" across the duplicates and reducing the ranking of the primary version.

A recent conference includes some comments from Google on this issue:


Some people force the use or removal of www via 301 redirecting between the two. But the most important thing is you chose one method and stick with it.

In Google Webmaster Tools you can tell Google if they should include www when displaying your websites URLs.

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