I'am trying a keywod to check the backlink. Like this :

www.arif-4121f.info -link:www.arif-4121f.info

I try it in many Search Engine. I have found a diffeent result if I using that keyword and this keyword :

http://www.arif-4121f.info -link:http://www.arif-4121f.info

Please tell me why is the result is diffeent. I try it in Yahoo, Bing, and Altavista. The first keywod is also make more result than the 2nd. Please can anyone explain this?

I suspect it is because when you use the http:// or even the www. it forces the search engine to only check for backlinks containing that prefix. So if for example the backlink did not contain the full http:// in the url then it would not show up in the results for your first search term. So for that reason you are not going to get very reliable results with your second search term and will only get reliable results with your first search term which is the following:

www.arif-4121f.info -link:www.arif-4121f.info

I don't think any search in finding backlinks to a site would be not accurate for no search engines would return all backlinks for a site. I only seoquake add-on for Firefox for this purpose. :)

how to send mail without authentication one domain to another in java ?

how to send mail without authentication one domain to another in java ?

I see it's your first post so welcome to daniweb and as for the question, you will get a better response if you start a new topic in the Java forum. Currently you have posted in the Search Engine section and very few people who browse this category will know the answer to a Java question unlike those who browse the Java section. So to begin using daniweb, go to the Java section then click the big button that says start new topic and fill in the details. Then the community will see how they can help you.

Ok...Mr. cwarn23 so I suppose to use the first keyword. Thank's for your answer.

i've tried the 1st string, and it's not working on yahoo or bing, and i try both string on google, it works, and the result is the same

In my opinion, in most search engines they tend to index sites with http://www. rather than http:// only in front of the domain names. I think the reason behind this is that the formal format of complete domain name is with the http://www plus the domain name and extension name. right? Correct me if I'm wrong. This only my analysis of the situation.