Although web design and graphic design using two images, text and font to create a method of your choice to communicate ideas, design for web and print are two different practices. Graphic designers have been known since the print media has been created, while web design began when the Internet was developed. Before choosing a designer print or web designer, it is important to understand the differences between web design and graphic design.

Graphic Design

The design includes any design that has been created and printed. Graphic design uses a combination of technology and the art of communicating messages and ideas. The designer uses a set of communication tools to convey a message from a client or business to a specific audience. graphic illustrations can be found in magazines, newspapers agreements, newspaper advertisements, posters, logos, brochures, books, labels on a variety of packaging products, and more. Graphic designers create the design of a variety of print ads. The print design is normally 2 dimensions. Each design has been created to show a fixed size. The main tools are image and typography. The images are used to communicate a mood or an emotion.

Web Design

Web Design is to create a website on the Internet. Web designers who work in business creation and implementation of their websites. They serve only to web sites. A web designer designs the content and graphic images displayed on the Internet in the form of a web page. They employ a number of web-based applications, such as HTML, CSS, XHTML, JavaScript, PHP, Photoshop, and images as JPG. Web Designer function includes all technical aspects of creating a website, such as coding and writing for the web pages.Both graphic designer and web design professionals specializing in applications such as the use of color to create a mood or tone. They know how to communicate ideas and messages, such as technical expressions such as the use of symbols to communicate the importance of this idea.

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Web design is simply when you design a webpage or a whole website. But graphic design includes everything, in which you design pictures, logos, banners etc.

I agree with fanatic123, in web design we can use ready made templates or doing some small changes. But in Graphics design we make a complete template like pictures, design, logo...etc.

I've found neither skills aid in attracting traffic to the website and therefore providing something useful for your client.

Once you have a visitor then it's important, so I think the first step should be to make sure people are aware of your website, not how it looks.

Graphic Design How to design graphs will focus on pleasing layout. You about color theory, typeface, design elements placed on the relationship between a page and just generally how to build things, either printed or displayed in any other way, knowing to look attractive will.

A graphic designer good web design skills but also have many needs, for you will need to learn to write web pages. You probably HTML (Hyper Text Language icon above) begins by learning the scripting language to web pages are made of. XML and cascading style sheet like you currently want to move on and update languages.

Although I do not know for sure, I'll make more money than a web designer is suspected.

Web design is the skill of creating presentations of content that is delivered to an end-user through the World Wide Web, by way of a Web browser or other Web-enabled software.
Graphic design include drawn, painted, photographed, or computer-generated images,Also design the letter forms that make up various typefaces found in movie credits and TV ads; in books, magazines, and menus used in website design.

Graphic designers and web designers are similar in many ways. Both use the same technigue and web tool to create a website or graphics. The main difference is that they are thinking. Graphic Desinger creative thinking have the imagination but most focus on validating XHTML and CSS web designer.

Web design you can create for Internet & Graphic Deign can be done for High Quality Mode of Visualization as well as offline work mode also.

graphic designer create graphics, processing images, creating logos, banner, news paper banners, cartoon that we say any where using different tools like photoshop, correl draw . but web design is way of creating webpages. it also include graphic design for making webpages attractive but it need the knowlege of html, css javascript also to make a webpage.

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