Great forum, learned a lot so far. I realize there are some highly experienced people in here - need your help guys, my website is suffocating without any traffic.

I've recently bought a website selling designer shoes in Europe - what would be the best thing to do to rank my website REALLY FAST in Google, yahoo and msn atleast. I've hundreds of shoes on my website.

Should I use a software or hire a company? Please advise, I've a budget of $2000

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Michael I already gave you some advise on another thread you opened in another part of the forum. Another word of advice is do not open multiple threads with the same topic. I am going to take it as a newbie mistake and not flag your post as a bad post but in the future, do not do it. It can be looked at as Spam. Believe me we all make newbie mistakes.


If you have a new website with some products to sell, you need to make sure you have a mixed strategy. Use PPC + SEO to get good traffic to your website. Obviously it would take least 2-3 months to get targeted organic traffic but you can start getting some traffic from PPC in the beginning. Hope that help ?

Agree with searchengineace, if you want fast traffic obviously you need to use the paid method. The most popular is pay per click. Other alternatives that you can use is media buy and banner ads.

I think PPC would be really helpful for instant traffics but you need to target your adwords tactically. Also, social media is another channel for generating traffic purpose.

Have a nice day,

To increase your traffic you can go for social media optimization. It is the best way to generate the targeted traffic to your site.

All the best!

Unfortunately, marketing a website and driving qualified traffic does not come packaged neatly with a $2k price tag. My best advice is to either hire someone you trust to optimize your onsite components or if you have the time, buy some books on SEO, SEM/PPC, and maybe attend a couple of conferences like Webmaster World (PubCon) or SES and learn.

A great way to get traffic (worked for me) is to create a few you tube videos and promoting your site there. You tube has a lot of visitors, you can both create your own clips and use "video responses" to get people to click your link. You tube videos rank high in the search engines!

If you have enough budget, try Pay Per Click (PPC).. Aside from PPC are the following:

website optimization
search engine optimization
search engine marketing
social media optimization

hire an SEO or go for paid links like directory, article submitter and more


Well you can rank your website rank fast and the best way is to do proper On page and Off page seo techniques and update your website content frequently and some other changes!

If you have the resources, you should hire different companies to do the different aspects of SEO for you. Not all companies have the same level of competence in each SEO task. Some are experienced link builders, some are good forum posters, some are great with articles and submission.

link Building is the best way to promote your site. So, if you want to rank higher your website then take the services of professionals!

Yes, PPC is the most obviuous way but video marketing is a great technique too.

YES video marketing is also a good and new way to make your website unique and more authenticated!

there are many ways for link building. you can promote your site through. but you have to get good experince for that

yes, ppc is reaaly good for getting instant traffic & visitors for your website..

Increase traffic to u r site.Fro this u have to do Link building ,Forum posting,Social Bookmarking,Directory submission..


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