When thinking about designing a website for you, chances are you dream of a website with all the bells and whistles - Flash movies, beautiful pictures, streaming audio - it works! But without your knowledge, they may actually be damaging your business prospects, as it seems on the surface is attractive distraction when it comes to search engines. If your site contains these elements, it is automatically referred to a much lower rank, even if the content is relevant, and you make use of the technology revolution. In short, it is important to stay away from the design elements that can affect search engines. Unfortunately, a recent survey has shown tremendous results. 1 of 10 web designers think SEO is not their business. Worse, more than 24% of web designers have no idea of what SEO is!These spiders to collect important information on the site. The information they collect to help assess the relevance of a website for certain keywords. Now you must remember that these are automated programs that are coded to crawl through pages on a web pages in some way. Spiders filing the information they collect in a database. Thus, when a user queries a search engine keyword tap into this database and lists of pages according to their relevance. as work more appropriate to come first, while not finishing at the bottom.

In general life if we are employee of any company and we work as company environment then the chance of growth are fast same in seo if we make our website as Google requirement then he ranking and page rank of our website will come fast.

I firmly believe that you are going to develop, design or have a website designed you need to think about SEO and how your website is going to rank now and in the future.

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