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How you doing, Well i am here to discuss on white and black hat technique of SEO.

Let me tell you one thing there is no particular hard core definitiion of black hat seo. If we want to explain what is black hat SEO, we can say that over use of white hat is black hat.

For example: In on-page optimization we add targated keywords in our meta tag and keywords should be in proper manners and in limits, Suppose you put so many keywords in your meta tag i.e over access.Then what will happen Google will count it as a keyword stuffing(google called it is a black hat tech) and your site may cause spam.

So what happened with you , You were doing on-page tech i.e white hat. But by mistake Google count it black hat.

What i want to explain is that your white hat can also covert into black hat depend upon you and google.

Let me give you another example:

We add keywords in title and it should be 60 to 80 character, Suppose google chage algorithm and says if we found more than 100 characters in title we will spam that website. So i want to say that Be aware of white hat so u will not do black hat.

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wow ... over working meta tags or crafting a web page Title a little too long hardly merits being consider the same as Black Hat SEO techniques. No. Each search engine optimizers will learn in time to the extent he can flex his on-page optimization muscles. To me, and ironically, the kinds of teachings and triumphs and pains an Internet marketer gets by flowing with his own self-determined SEO experiences are part and parcel at becoming skilled in the fine art of white hat search engine optimization.

The white hat creates results that will last a longer time even after the search is over. it confirms the a search engine guide lines and it involves no trickery. White hat seo is single methods that SEO uses to raise traffic.

White Hat SEO:
It is a ethical way to improve your SERP in search engines using your targeted keywords by natural way means use unique content and build quality backlinks.It is slow process, but provides the relevant result.
Black Hat SEO:
It is unethical way to improve your ranking in search engines using Spamming content Doorway pages and Keyword Stuffing etc. Search Engines are not like them.


There are certain rules and regulations of a search engine which have to be followed by each website during their promotion. Those processes which does not follow these rules and regulations, comes under Black hat technique and which follows comes under White hat technique.


Black hat technique is used to improve page rankings but spamming is done. It is illegal practice and is not recommended. The results in this page are temporary and long term investment is not possible.
White hat technique is recommended as a part of good design. We can expect long term investment in white hat technique as the results last a long time.

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