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Good Day,

Can someone recommend some good advance level books on SEO?

I am looking for book with in depth knowledge of SEO. I have seen many on amazon but as i am living in Australia its good to have a opinion before drag the book all the way here paid a lot and wait longer and finally revealed its not worth it.

Basically i am not looking for tips or tricks etc, I am interested in detailed knowledge sharing and different strategies.

Thanks in advance.

Try to search that online.. You can get heaps of information about SEO on internet..

Better you need SEO experts blogs in regular basis and you will get enough knowledge from there.

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Thanks Joe and Shania,

I was looking for books, I know how to look online, blogs and forums.


SEO ROI in has a very complete and useful advanced seo guide.

You can get informative stuff also from SEO related forums!

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Guys thanks for all the "Information's"

I know what is available on web. All I was looking for is some good book.
I better call it a day.

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