I want to know that how can make a seo friendaly wordpress blog.
I also want to optimize some keywords for that.
I there any way to increse search engine ranking for a wordpress blog instantly?

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You should know that Wordpress is already SEO optimized, so what you have to do is to follow white hat and keep going, building quality links.


1. All on-page optimization methods like to title tag, meta tag, page contents and others would all work for blogs, too. One thing I would like to mention is meta keywords tag would be really important for blog optimization for blogs though it might be lower weight for sites.
2. Having an "all-in-one SEO" plug-in installed on your blog would be necessary for SEO purpose.
3. Updating blogs with niche relative original posts would be the essential issue for success on any blogs.

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Include widgets.. Add relevant links in the blog roll and keep updating your blog with quality and fresh content and do pinging as much as you can!

create backlinks to your blog just as like a website.

*Update your blog regularly with unique quality content
*Make your title tag unique for every web page with inclusion of your targeted keyword.
*The default permalink structure in WordPress is not that good. You can customize permalinks according to your preferences and for better search engine optimization.
*Use SEO plugins for WordPress such All in one SEO or Platinum SEO, SEO Super Comments, SEO Smart Links and Robots Meta etc

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