Hey guys my question is "Is it wise to submit same article on different directory", looking forward for the right information.

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That's what you should do if your intention is SEO. If you want to become famous article writer that's different story.

For SEO you are after quality backlinks.I would not say submit to as many sites as possible, what you should do is make a list of high ranked do follow article submission site and submit your articles there.


Hope this will help.


But don't you think google will consider it as a duplicate content also most of the article directory requires unique content.

yes why not...for seo purpose it is important

Post your article in different Sites and just change the title of the article to make it look different. it's a great way to create backlinks.


Submitting the same article to different article directories might be not acceptable on hot directories and would also have negative impacts for indexing purpose. Different original or spinned article submission would always be recommended.

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Well i think there is no harm in submitting the same article on different directories as it will increase the visibility of your article and most people will be able to get the information you want to convey!

I think that is better to modify the article before submitting to other directories. Is more effective.

Yes, definitely one can go for submitting same article on different directories as it is the purpose of SEO, but still if you have doubt then you can change the title of article a bit & submit it.

I prefer to manually spun the articles.

it is important for seo purpose

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