i use Google analytic for cheeking my site visitors..... i always follow Alexa for getting an idea about the ranking of my site....But my Alexa ranking is not improving ...........pls help me to know that is there any other reliable ranking tool which gives rank on the basis of each day traffic?...

PageRank is not something that fluctuates on daily basis. Remember that there are billions of webpages and each of them has it's own PR, and not even Google can handle daily calculations of the hundreds of parameters that affect PR. Also, you don't even want to make huge jumps in PR because that will raise a lot of eyebrows and your site may be sandboxed (erased from the index because it smells like spam). Instead, it would be best for you to develop an SEO strategy (because it's not a project, but a process) and work on it daily.
Google Analytics is a fabulous and free tool that you can use, and together with Microsoft Excel you can get plenty of analysis done to your site. The information and analysis done in this way will help you fine-tune your SEO strategy. Study thoroughly the options of Google Analytics, study the traffic segmentation, traffic flow in your site, locate the most interesting page (most time on page spent) and see what you've done that makes this page interesting. Then find the page with the greatest bounce rate and change it using the conclusions you found from your most popular page.
It's really not about the tools you use, but about the way you use them. Tools alone can't do anything for your site. What they could, and what they're meant to do is to provide you with statistics so you can create, test and fine tune your SEO strategy that is matched perfectly for YOUR site. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to SEO.


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Don't forget to include Google Webmaster to check the keywords that you are ranked for. Webmaster is a great tool to analyze your site's keyword optimization and links that point to your site(s).

you can try seositecheckup[dot]com .... this is really a good tool...

thank for that tool..
Pagerank changes every 3 month
Alexa is great but why not install piwik ?
inside look on your website stats is the best

Are you talking about to check pr or some other tool.
for check pr use google pr toolbar ,for checking all info about traffic to your site so use google analytics and for getting info about keyword and content so use webmaster for it.

In my point of view google analytics and webmaster are best.

Google provide you with very good tools...

For checking your site Rankings, I think you should install both Google Add-ons and SEOpen will also help you check your PR and Alexa... and for checking your SERP, seoserp.com is a good one.

Google provide's you lost of tool for checking PR just search in google and get many tool for checking your PR and according to me google analytics and webmaster are the best tools for checking PR and visitors.

I agree with agore1o6 , you should wait for some time even if you are working hard and doing everything correctly. There is no fixed time in SEO to get result . So please wait, you will surly get better PR in some days. :)

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