How to check for which keyword competitor's site currently rank and how?
I've just installed SEO for Firefox, not sure if it can do it. I thought it should, not sure where to enable it.

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Check your SERP at SEOserp and there you can see all competitors on your desired keyword. Spying those top competitors is a great way to come up with a new technique because you can now tell their techniques and strategies and you can apply it to your site...

SEMrush is good tool that show good ranking keyword for the domain.

Google analytics is the best keyword building tool these days. It helps you to know the keyword competition and the number of searches.

thnx rwsseo, the SEMrush site looks pretty awesome. I`ve just registered with it.
Anyway, lookn for competitions backlinks and its anchor text also gives a pretty good idea on what keywords they`re targeting.

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