Hi friends,

I want to show the details of about 3500 films in my film blog page and I wrote a php page for movie page and I rewrited its URL to SEO friendly as follows




I m very new to seo and my questions are

1. Is the above re-named method is correct for SEO
2. How to create movie.php page description, title, meta tags etc . Because it is dynamic for each movie.

please help me

Thanks in advance

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1) Yes, if everything on your site are movies. Otherwise, you might wish to add another level to your directory structure such as www.sitename.com/movies/moviename and www.sitename.com/tv/tvshowname.

2) Not sure what you mean here. Is the information about all your 3500 films in a database? What is currently in the movie.php file?

Thanks for your reply and

In movies.php I made it as a frame work for showing movie's contents

ie, Roughly


select * from movies where id='$id';

echo Movie Name;
echo Director Name;
echo Year;
echo Rating;

How to dynamically add title, Meta tags and descriptions for this page

Thank you for your valuable time

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