Hey there,

So I have this domain, let's call it "keyword.com". People search google for "keyword", and I want to show up numero uno. Now, I have made the URLS on my site nice and pretty, in which lies my question.

Often times, people will search for "keyword related-keyword".

Is it best to do URLs as


or should I do something like



Is it better to use your keyword multiple times in the url, or would it be best to keep it short and sweet? Will Google see my "keyword.com/related-keyword" as "keyword-related-keyword"?

I'm just trying to figure out some of these basics and all the SEO stuff I've read I can't quite find an answer to these questions. I know the basics, just not this.


PS It would be awesome if your answers could also answer the question "why" for each question I've asked. I am trying to learn and ill apply it as it fits my site, but I need as much info as possible.

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Hi John,

Both are fine, honestly I would go for long tail regarding URLs which duplicate the page title. I don't think that there is ideal URL rewriting, but even dynamic pages get ranked without problem.

Awesomeness. Primarily, I was a little confused on the structure, I've never done the pretty URL's before (except a little wordpress) but never hand coded anything with pretty urls.

I have a LOT of competition that I need to work into, every little bit helps. Since the site will be a content driven site I can use every little ounce of help I can get in there.

After thinking about it, something like: domain.com/view/content/action/id would be good for general pages and stuff....Well, I don't know how to explain this very well. I don't want to break TOS, but I'm not sure how to explain this.

Let's say I am doing a website about plants. I have a few pages that I want to be able to access via plantsite.com/pages/pagename, but also I want to be able to directly access the content via plantsite.com/plantname.

Anyways, Is there any SEO relevance to doing the plantsite.com/plantname vs plantsite.com/pages/plants/plantname/ ?

Thanks for the help


Both are fine but in a case only if your both keywords are different. Means in below format search engine can think about keyword stuffing.
"keyword.com/keyword-related-keyword" because keyword and again keyword. Want to say that if you will use single keyword two times then its not good way of SEO. If you have single keyword then first option is more better.

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