Have you ever wondered or sat back and thought “Which advertising search engine should I use?” Well my opinion is in a world where everyone is marketing; I personally say both but let’s look into this Rocky like battle.

It’s hard telling if Bing’s momentum will continue. Will they continue to gain strength and build their pay per click platform up to go the full 15 rounds in this championship battle for pay per click marketing dollars? Let’s look at the differences of how BING runs their pay per click marketing campaigns in comparison to Google Adwords.

1.Competition on Bing PPC is much lower driving CPCs down. There are fewer businesses advertising on BING as it stands right now, so the opportunity to get core keywords at a lower CPC is there and your spend will go a longer way than on Google.

2.BING allows you to target age and gender. Uh-oh, something Adwords does not do. Bing lets you boost your cost-per-click bids for customers with your target age or gender by accessing Windows Live account data where applicable. For example, you can have Bing increase your bid 10% if someone between the age of 25 and 34 is searching and by 20% if a woman is searching.

3.Bing in some cases with a better design make your ads stand out. As the design of the search engine is much more refined than Google the ads you create stand out much more when being searched upon rather than just black and white text. However with limited traffic amounts your visibility currently is much higher on Google.

4.You can import your AdWords campaigns into your adCenter account.

5.BING conversion tracking isn’t quite as robust as Google’s. This one may be up for dispute, but the key factor in pay per click marketing is being able to track through conversions. In my opinion, Google far surpasses BING in this realm with dynamic variables and setting numerous types of conversion methods.

Well it looks like BING is on its way up in the pay per click marketing space and you may be thinking that BING is a better solution overall and has won this round of the SuperFight. All I will say is keep in mind it is still in training and is by no means as strong of a contender as Google’s reporting, keyword strength, and reach. But at the end of the day, you are asking is it worth it should I advertise in BING? Sure.

I am just not quite ready to put my bank with BING just yet outside of complementing my Adwords campaign which is really what it naturally does, but if they keep developing at the rate that they are and their reach continues to grow so with that of ad spends and Google might have a Cinderella story on their hands.

But at the end of the day use ‘em both, and keep this simple equation in mind. More Impressions+Increased Reach = More Opportunity+More Revenue


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use both.. it will do u more good...

Both are very good position at there points. If look Google it gives you More Clicks, More Expense and More Query but in case of Bing, it is less clicks than Google, so that CPC is very lower due to low competition. One good quality of bing is few clicks, which converted 20% to 40% in query.

Boycot google anaway because they act like they are a god or something
they dont answer mails they bann you for no good reason when you use the google ads on youre site/forums
theire search engine is incorrect when you use a search engine on youre site its not the same as the google page search engine :confused:

so i would say bing is a good thing no matter what or how much traffic bing has
we should boycoy and bann google from our live's :idea:

Have you ever wondered, or sat back and thought,What advertising, search engine I use? Well, in my opinion, is a world where everything is for sale, I personally say yes, but consider this as the Battle of Rocky. It hard to say if the pace continues Bing. Will they continue to .

I don't believe that bing could do very much to defeat to google. the difference in the quantity of traffic is very big.

I dont think at all that google cant be beat by bing or yahoo ...
Google is way way ahead of both of these search engines...
Google hold 80% of the total search engine market, and both bing and yahoo are getting the remaining 20% :) after all google is the smartest brain on internet :P

ye but some time Google never pick title, i don't know what happend.

Google is the king but it doesn't mean that you should avoid bing. both can have major effect on your website if used properly.

Bing has some good options but the traffic of adwords is definitively better.

according to me, Google Adwords is the best and reliable.

Yes, adwords is better. I don't think that this could be a "superfight".

google adwords is the best. no one can compete with it.

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