Looking for information on Clickbank and Google.

Are you currently using Adwords Ads pointing to a clickbank landing page?

How long has the campaign been running?

What are the range of quality scores for your keywords?

Have your ads been disapproved?

Has your landing page been reviewed?

Has your account gone through a manual review?

What is the ROI? Meaning the profit/ad spend?

How long did it take for you to make a profit?



Is possible if you are creating a complete landing page for clickbank but you can not promote affiliate link directly through adwords.

Thanks for this information.

You should always create your own landing page while avoiding the thin affiliate label.
The extra bonus is that you can track conversions much better...

Yes - I got penalized by Adwords for promoting a Clickbank landing url - they got much more strict almost a year ago now I think, and it's not a great thing to try to direct traffic from AdWords to a landing page associated with Clickbank now. Too bad - it was highly effective but I guess too many newbie affiliate marketers were promoting products that weren't up to par...AdWords sure lost a decent amount of revenue with the change...

Unique content is key for affiliate offers. Try and make it seem not like an affiliate site if you want to rank. Its very frowned upon by the search engines.

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