I have knowledge in SEO and have knowledge in submitting article , directory submission, forum, blog commenting etc but still i need some point to be cleared. How can i optimize my website to the specific location if i want my website to optimized for Australia ?

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You could add lang="en-AU" to your html tag, and with the Content-Language header.

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add it to your google webmaster details for the site

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Thanks for the both of user they have given really great information. It really helped me.

yeah you can set your geographic location to USA through google webmaster tool

@almostbob nice thing, but I doubt that Google or any other search engine will take that into account - has there been done research on this that?
@rickjamesfoster, the question was not the USA but Australia.


Geocoding results can be biased for every domain in which the main Google Maps application is officially launched. Note that biasing only prefers results for a specific domain; if more relevant results exist outside of this domain, they may be included


Who Can (or Should?) Use Geotagging?
Before you dismiss geotagging as a fad or something that only "other people" should do, you should consider what types of sites you build and how geotagging can be used to enhance them.

Geotagging Web pages is ideal for retail sites and tourism sites. Any website that has a physical storefront or location can benefit from geotags. And if you get your sites tagged early, they are likely to rank higher in geotagged search engines than your competitors who scoffed and didn't tag their sites.

Web pages with geotags are already in use in a limited format on some search engines. Customers can come to the search engine, enter their location and find Web pages of sites that are near their current location. If your business is tagged, it's an easy way for customers to find your site. And now that more phones are coming equipped with GPS, they can get to your storefront even if all you provide are latitude and longitude.

But even more exciting are new sites that are coming online such as FireEagle. These are sites that track customer locations using cellphones and either GPS data or triangulation. If a customer of FireEagle has opted-in to receiving retail data, when they pass by a location that has been encoded with geo data, they can receive contacts directly to their cellphone. By geotagging your retail or tourist website, you set it up to connect with the customers who are broadcasting their location.

I am in property management, we get very many IPhone hits

Where exactly on this page does it say that search engines (do or don't) take this into account?

back after 8 months holiday, replying,
If GOOGLE write that geo-tagged results "* can be biased for every domain in which the main Google Maps application is officially launched* " it would stand to reason that at lease one search engine, Google, with 79% of all searches, reads geotags
Anything that google begins, lesser search engines follow

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