Hello friends

I am new in seo world i want to learn seo from the basic so that's why i am here to learn seo from the experts are here.

Let's share your onpage seo technique with me and all the users of daniweb.

P.S - Please share it from the starting point to end point like what is the first step you take to do onpage seo then go step by step till end point all the methods you do for onpage seo i know it will consume your precious time but really it will be so help full for all newcomers whom really want to learn seo and want to become experts like you so please share it in proper way what steps you use to do ONPAGE SEO.

Thanks in advance


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On page SEO is basically everything that you have direct control over on your site ... A good URL structure, clean HTML code, proper use of H1/H2 tags, proper use of meta tags, a good navigation hierarchy, no keyword stuffing, well-written articles and lots of unique content written for humans and not bots, etc ...

Thanks for your reply cscgal can you please give us more explanation about it

Using Metas in on page optimization is a must for better web page. Plus adding keywords to it is also preferable.

Whenever i do On-page optimization for website.... mainly i take care of keyword in URL, TITLE tag , DESCRIPTION , KEYWORD and H1/H2 tag. There are lot's of other thing's to take care of while optimazing for on-page but these 4 thing are the most important tag's for me..

On page a big factor of search engine . I do title tag optimization , meta tags . and create a seo friendly content that contain my keyword

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