Just heard about this today. Does anyone know if this could be used as a marketing tool, or if using it is likely to help website rankings for a business?


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I have G+, It's just like facebook, but you post content to "public" or your "circles" (friends, family, work, etc). So yes, I'd imagine that posting links as "public" would give some backlink value. I've not tested it in depth yet, but it's definitely worth giving a try - because it's new, everyone is flocking to it.

For now I see that Google Plus (button) and Google Plus (social network) are using different probably invisible metrics. Likes in social network are not visible at the buttons on the website. I am sure that using Google+ will be very important for near future, in blended results and user reviews.

You are literally late in the SEO world especially when Google is the topic. It's just a Social Networking campaign to be ran by Google. The site is now running but not open to public...

While membership on the site isn't exactly open to the public yet (invite only), The content that the users post is available to the public. I'm sure GoogleBot will index the content, links, etc.

As it came just now so the results will tell about it later on..Wait and watch.

In and of itself, the new Google+ social media marketing network is no big deal, unless you're one of the high marquis editors @ Mashable, TechCrunch, Huffington etc.

What is (or will be) a big deal, is once G+ Business Pages go live. Then, us SEO guys and those who provide SMB with results driven traffic strategy will have a nice new shiny object to add to our SMM mix.

I suggest you get your feet wet with Google Plus, find and add like minded Plussers to your Circles and keep a close watch on how the G+ platform evolves over time.

I think we have to wait for few months to exactly know how G+ will effect our business and online rankings. However there is a rumor that since we all are wishing to get ranked on the Google search engine then more association with Google and it's products will be a beneficial.

I have joined in G +, but what about the function circle .. Is not crazy! you can use any of your group and everyone can you add to it. Which circle are additional positive feature? no conformation needed !

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