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Hi Mike:

Um, a little more information, please.
1. Have you compared this keyword with other, similar keywords to see if this is a high number of searches?
2. Is it a short, one- or two-word phrase, or is it a longer phrase (long tail)?
3. Are you marketing to one local area, the nation, or the world?
4. How competitive is it?

You don't have to answer ME, but you do need to get the answers for yourself. Then you will have answered your own question.


for seo Florida my website is at #4, still no Traffic in Google analytic?
That means SEO do no bring any Traffic?

What do you mean by no farm it?


If in Google Exact Search, the Number of monthly searches are-12000+

Is it a good Keyword?

Any keyword with that many exact searches is a very good keyword.

The main thing is the competition, there is high probability that the keyword you are talking about is of high competition. So it will take more time and efforts to rank for that keyword.


Hi Mike:

If you are ranked #4 on Google for your keyword, with 12,000 searches per month, and you are not getting a response, you need to review your website ASAP.

Basic things to look at:
1. Is there an effective call to action? In other words, do you give people an easy way to buy?
2. Look at the writing of your website. Is it clear, concise, properly spelled, with excellent grammar and punctuation?
3. Are there links on your site? Do they all work?
4. Finally, look at your competition. What are they doing right and you are doing wrong?


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