i am a internet marketing expert as well as i do SEO, SEM, SMM, Link Building,

my site age is 5 month and got google PR doing linkbuilding more then 3 months,

although i can do this 3 months to get PR 5,but still i have confusion how to choose best

keyword for my site, please review on this post


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Google adwords is the best keyword tool to choose relevant keywords for your website.

if you have market samurai so best otherwise you can use Adwords tools for getting relevant and low competition keywords.

First decide which keyword you need for your site. Then with the help of adwords.google.com you Analise your keyword. Always select less terrific keywords for fast result.

Keyword: Noun: archaic: def; something ignored by search engines

In English, keywords are irrelevant.

Best keywords can be found out by keyword research tool which provide the best keywords for your website.

by using google adword we can found good keyword.

Google keywords adwords is the best keyword tool to choose relevant keywords for your website and then check searches against this keywords in google..

Try to choose non competing keywords. Before choosing a keyword check its popularity on Google Insights and also check for related keywords. Then through google trends check how many people use that keywords. Take help from google adwords also. You will get best non competing keywords for your website.

Google adwords tool is the best tool to find relevant keywords for a website.

google adwords is the best choice 4 me to choose keyworks for my site

Google keyword suggestion tool will absolutely help you to choose best keyword for your website. firstly you can do divide your keyword in two part long tail & short tail & select your best keyword which will generate business.

DO not use any tool for finding keywords for you. But observe that what is higher searched by people and according to that set or create keywords your own way and this technique gives positive result in less time.

A keyword has low competition and high traffic is best keyword for your website.

The best way to choose keywords for your site is to think about what prospective customers would type in if they were looking for your product or service.
Sometimes our creativity needs a little boost. The Overture Search Term Suggestion Tool, Wordtracker, and the Google AdWords Keyword Tool can be that boost. These tools will help you to discover which search terms web surfers are really using.

Firstly our target is audience. Choose relevant keyword . Understand the keyword can have a multiple meaning.

just use google keyword adwords tool. :)

Just go for google adwords tool, according to your services and marketing area.

choose keywords which exactly meant to your site and
analysis competitors keywords.select keywords from Google adwords tool which has low competition with higher search rate.

The best key word only gives raise the web pages.
Selecting of the keywords are base on your web pages
The key words are in the common and they are in the meta data of the web pages.
The key words are often using keywords all.

Congrats!! 3 months and pr 5 ? wow
go with google adwords and word tracker with market samurai as well.
Make sure when you are going to choose keywords, always focus on your services with your focus area by your web page.

As there are many keyword tools available you can search for them in search engine else you can try out Google's keyword tool.

I also suggest the google adword tool for getting the keywords..

Use google adwords tool, market samurai or may be word tracker. Make sure selected keywords relevant with your services and if long tail with area specification then it'll be better.

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