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I just wanted to know if the traffic that comes from search engines like Google and Yahoo vary depending up what time of year it is? I run a social networking website for young people and even though the keywords we are optimising for are ranked highly on google the traffic and the amount of unique visitors has fallen over the summer months and what I want to know is this normal?

Does the amount of traffic that highly ranked keywords get vary depending upon the season and time of year as this would make sense since most kids would be away on holiday or outside during the summer months and so the traffic that the keywords generate could fall significantly.

What does everyone else think? Is this plausible? And would the same high ranking keywords (Some are on page one and two on google) generate more traffic and unique visitors at other times of the year like during spring and Autumn when more young people are inside using their computers.

Any advice would be gratefully received.

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Yes, of course it does. And day to day - presumably you're comparing the numbers to Google adwords tool - that's an average, if you look at the trend data, you can see how things have typically varied over the months of a year, but even that is not guaranteed.

Where is the question heading? What I mean is, what difference does it make if it does?

Hi Martinplatt,

The difference it makes is that if you have less traffic on your website from google then you will have less people signing up.

The traffic patterns showed a significant increase in traffic before the summer months and then during the summer months the traffic has fallen.

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Just likes sales are seasonal with most businesses, traffic is of course seasonal. Depending on your audience, they may be more likely to use your website during one time of the year than another. Additionally, certain times of the day or night have different traffic levels depending on the demographics of your audience.

Thanks Csscgal,

Thats what I thought! But as a newbie to this web development business it is nice to hear others confirm this fact.

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Such a great view you have . Maximum traffic is depend in the season.

that's very true!
For an example, entertainment niche keywords get high traffic on weekends and business niche keywords get high traffic on weekdays

I agree it is indeed seasonal. I am in the entertainment niche and I observed the traffic fluctuates in different months although the rankings of the main keywords are stable.

it depends brother..
no one can say it with so assurance :)

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