Top ten in WHAT?! No one uses Google Plus since it came out. It has no advantages over Facebook / Twitter, and I think really is having a hard time finding its niche.

It's fine to be a late player to the game. Facebook came out when MySpace was on top. Google came out when MSN/Yahoo!/Ask were on top. The trick is not to enter the arena just for the sake of having a stake in the game. You really need that great unique idea, which Google Plus just doesn't have [yet].

It takes long to be top. People were so crazy when Google+ was launched. This was the reason that many of them joined Google+ and the news has been passed that Google+ got millions of followers in just...days! I think most of them would be Gmail users who do not needed to register into Google+ and I believe that the profile of google account give the Google+ huge joiners.

well, i have made my account in it and using it since 2 months, but there is no such activity enjoyable, i have found no charm in using it. May be in future it can flourish but rite now it has nothing else.

Wow! That is an achievement for Google. I am about to use Google+ but i decided to learn the basic of it first before i promote my account on it. i heard its like FB's twin, right?

Me! I use it! I actually love it. Google worked hard on it and I'm just waiting for all my friends to join the movement!

I used it, I've always been a fan of googles software. Most of it constantly works without fail.

> i heard its like FB's twin, right?

Yes, but it doesn't do anything facebook doesn't already do, and facebook is much more polished. New to the game is fine, but you need to be innovative.

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