I dont understand Why I never get ad. I mean I try to make site, a forum , a Blog. I have tried lots of times in google and Yahoo but I always Get Rejected. and I am tired of it. I mean its been 4 to 5 months i m tryin. Can someone Explain. Thank youuuu :rolleyes:

Thats odd. I have created a few blogs and never got rejected I dont think I did anything special. Make sure to re-read the Google TOS, they may find something you do every time you make a blog, site, or forum.

Its probably something small your just overlooking. Re read it and edit your site then resubmit see if it works.

Good Luck!!!

I have an example for you. 5 Days ago I open a blog with warez... and yesterday google send me an e-mail with the confirmation. I don't except to be accepted but I try. If oy want to retry I tell you what to need to do:

- You need Content: Write posts (20 per example)
- You need Trafic: Use digg, technorati to have visitors
- Comments: You need to have comments on posts

Don't share xxx movies, pictures, etc!
Don't click on your ads

When you dont try to work 1 month on a blogger platform because is from Google and I think he will accept you! Succes. Sorry for my english!

Well that's the thing. You're opening a blog that promotes piracy. Google has terms of service that prohibit you from sharing warez or anything illegal. If you follow their terms and provide relevant and interesting content, you'll be accepted to the program. If you're doing something that clearly is illegal, you won't. Simple as that, really.

No tamar, i was accepted with that blog with warez!

No tamar, i was accepted with that blog with warez!

That will get you banned just before getting payment.

Be careful, man. You don't want to have to run into issues with the MPAA or RIAA because you're sharing warez or illegal software. That's dangerous territory.

Thank you! I know about this subject, i made a test with the site to see if google accepted me!

If your account does end up getting banned from AdSense , you're not going to be allowed to create any future accounts with your same name/address/social security #.

Back in the day when Google was kicking everyone out for invalid clicks, most of the people were "caught" when they rejoined the program because Google was able to associate the accounts even though they were for different domains and had different email addresses.

Be careful.