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As I was working on one of my site and accidently I have uploaded the file having no indexed Meta tags and due to that my site pages are out of Google search. I have removed the no indexed Meta tags but now I want to know when will my pages be re indexed? And will it again start indexing from the scratch?

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If you ping your website you can get it indexed faster, most of the time it takes about 30 days or so for the google bots to do a full crawl. According to backlinks and how fast they index. If you have a sitemap that is auto submitted upon posting then you should be indexed instantly.

Put your pages into a sitemap XML file and upload that sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools.

The pages are getting crwled by google on a daily basis (check your server logs), it just takes a while (could be a month) to show them in the search results.

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