I really have not noticed much change on SEO - at least for White Hat SEO practices - except the backlinking. Just dont post your links anywhere. So have you noticed any other changes? Please do tell. Thanks!

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Yup i have seen many changes and Google Caffiene is one of them.

Well the search results are little different now that Google personalizes queries based on your own previous search habits AND incorporated twitter results. Granted, there's no way to really optimize for these particular results but I guess you can argue that these new additions have shifted some focus away from "black" or "gray" hat SEO and put more of an emphasis on becoming an actual authority in your industry and a leader within your social communities.

if you looking for new things in SEO then two major change in search results are the Real Time Search results and personalized search results so take these two things in consideration while optimizing your website..

With the changing in search engine algorithms and searching techniques, SEO has also changed. For instance metatags were once considered to be the most important thing in SEO, have a very little importance now.

Google caffine, Bing promotion and Real time searches are the some of the changes i have seen in seo.

Search engine are much better at differentiating between intelligent, important content rather than stuff thrown together in an effort to mainupulate them. Semantics and language comprehension abilities have radically evolved over the last three years. In brief, the search engines have been making huge progress with advancing use of artificial intelligence.

Not much except for the bigger role of social media in SEO, btw SEO and search engine are different. Your doing Seo for search engine..

I think what has changed is the strategy and the way search engines are finding sites. For example, Google loves content, and is giving preference to quality content over the quantity of links. Say for example you start spreading your link relentlessly to pages that are not relevant to your niche, have no real content or information, and no ranking, then the Google crawlers might not even bother with your site.

Thanks so much for all your great postings. I still have not used Caffeine. What am I missing?

With the changing in search engine algorithms and searching techniques, SEO has also changed. For instance metatags were once considered to be the most important thing in SEO, have a very little importance now.

Depends really.

If you don't care two sweet shits about what description the search engine assigns you that it snipped out of your web page to become your search results description then no, the Description meta tag wouldn't be needed but ...

IF YOU CARED about what description the search engine alots you in your search results listing then the meta description tag becomes an invaluable asset

The meta Keywords tag is a built-n indicator. It is a search engine tag. They examine it while reviewing the source code of your web page. Does that mean anything? It could very well may. Again, it depends. If you are sticking every keyphrase under the sun in it in an effort to impress too much of nothing then it is essentailly useless but if you target use it for one or two important terms pertinent to that that page then it provides the search engine with a really good built-in indication of what you think is important.

what ever may, SEO will not change its originality, we guys need to implements new trends.

I seen how social impacted everything. Social makes markers have to engage instead of simply build links.

From time to time, there is really a change in SEO. For instances that SEO tactics last year will take less effect this year. The Algorithm is changing due to high competition of black hat SEO practitioners. I think, the latest update about SEO is that Site speed matters and the backlink limitations.

Regional search is playing a game today.


Some changes I known like Google has omitted the meta keywords tags and added page loading time as a new ranking factor. Also, blogging commenting back links might be have lower or no value in the future.


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