hi, what am i best doing to get my sites listed in directories..............? am i best doing it myself manual or getting a program which does it all and keep a track on it? cos they is alot of directories to find.. also does listing on directories help with google and other search engines?

any programs for directory submissions can you recommend?

kind regards

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Six months ago I would have suggested that you find suitable and relevant directories to submit to manually. Today, I feel that directory listings are a waste of time. Frequently they cause more harm than good to your web site. There are so many out there it is virtually impossible to pick out the good ones from the bad ones. You can't work it out with the PR values anymore as PR values are becoming increasingly obsolete indicators. For every ten that you spend time submitting perhaps one or two will actually honor the process, this is particularly true with the ones that require recip links.

I do however, highly recommend getting listings, even recip. listings, from keyphrase competitors. This is often a big challenge but SEO savvy webmasters clearly understand the mutual benefit. Make sure however, that their web sites are not banned or severely penalized from the results pages. PR is an indicator of this.

Concentrate on building your own quality content. Build pages daily. Save your time from trying to boost up your rankings from the outside and spend your time improving your own site from the inside. The better your web site becomes the more links that others will provide you without you even asking. The search engines are rewarding events that occur naturally, not events that are artificially manipulated.

If you want to improve your rankings, use these four rules of thumb :

1. find your best target market and understand your search engine competitors
2. develop search engine friendly and visitor friendly web sites simultaneously
3. offer balanced, evolving and logically presented keyphrase relevant content
4. for short and long-term success - never try to trick either of them

There are two directories that are important: Dmoz and Yahoo! Many second tier directories (such as Alexa and Google) use data from Dmoz and enrich them with their own data.

Most other directories are a waste of time because not enough PR power traverses through each category to get to the specific page your link is on. Additionally, you're link is listed on the same page as hundreds of other outbound links.

here is a website that has many directory links and it also has stats on the directory such as total backlinks to the directory, PR and more. www.seocompany.ca

Webceo is also a useful tool you can download www.webceo.com

and the best way would be to do it your self since you know that the site has been submitted but it is some time consuming work.

I honestly think it wont be a waste for submitting to directories, provided you submit to directories where

* you hand submit to directory.
* the category is close match.
* the web directory is search engine friendly "passing pagerank"

I remember that someone saying in forums, that in due course of time, even a directory is PR0 would easily reach PR4+.

Before submitting to all those directories, allow plenty of time to write your well framed title, description and category you submit to.


yahoo directory (non commercial)
dmoz (give a try)

Get ensure that particular directories should have better ranking and search engine friendly and varieties of category of listing.

mddv: Please remember our no site specific talk policy here :) Thanks!!

This is a topic of controvery.

Broad directories are slowly becoming obsolete. Why? Because search is the way most of us find information of the web. The web grows too fast for humans to hand pick what sites meet quality guidelines. But directories will always survive because we don't always know what we are looking for. Particularly topical niche directories. If you are a white hat, look for relevant directories that are built to drive traffic and are resourceful. If you are black, there are a gazillion directories that are a great source of cheap spammy links.

If you have time, submit to some main directories. If you dont, submit to directory is not the best way for SEO. Remember, submit to something that drive real visitor to your site, that is more important then submit to directory and wait for something that never come. I get very few little clicks from directory so I forgot them long time ago.

I would not say it's a waste of time. SEO is not a very simple dish, in my language it's a complex recipe. You just keep doing things the way they should be and expect the best results, and not do it the way search engines want. Listings in directories, look at them like small daily newspapers, where you are being listed for free.

I think everything helps in the long run. Don;t expect to get top rankings or tons of traffic after you have done 1000 or more directory submissions. You may get a few clicks every month, plus you get linked from so many unique Class C IP's. It all helps. Just my 2c.

Normally I do not respond, I just look. but I must interject and say that I would not use WebCEO to submit a website to search engines. First of all their own website has a big penalty against it from Google for most likely violatating Googles terms of service. Look at thier site: www.webceo.com they have a PR of zero.

If I had one website and I wanted to get it listed to as many search engines as possible, I would most likely use Dynamic Submission from Dynamic Software, which is listed in Wikipedia as well as Search Engines for Dummies by Peter Kent.

If your interested: http://www.dynamicsubmission.com/


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