i want to make analysis about keywords

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You need to check all possible keywords and keyword combinations for relevance, popularity, competition and profitability. Since it may take forever to do that manually, you may seek help from some good keyword research tools.

I’ve been using Keyword Country with great success. It not just helps me to research profitable keywords (including misspellings, LSI, synonyms etc) but also lets me spy on my competitors’ SEO and PPC strategy. I am all for it!

Try Google analytic to analyze your whole site in terms of SEO

There are many tools for researching keywords. But Google Adword keyword tool is easy to use & understand. It will help you to get competition, Global & local monthly searches for the keywords. So select the keywords on the basis of the good global & local monthly searches & with the low competition.

Google keyword tool is one of the effective, important and easy way to search and analyze your keywords. Keywords is the main thing in your website which help you get traffic and rank on search engine.

Search with Google, you will find lots of useful articles and posts about how to do a proper keyword analysis. Make sure you cover all the related keywords and you don't miss anything.

Google adwords tool is the best tool to select the good keywords, before analyzing the keyword, you should analyze the competitor first.

use Google adword tools and also use internet business promoter it is really a good tool which is freely available the latest version of IBP

i want to make analysis about keywords

Use Google Keyword Suggestion tool to make analysis about keywords. Besides this google analytics will helps a lot to know that from which keyword you are getting your most of the traffic.

if your looking for keyword research then try Google Adwords, its the best keyword research tool provide several options in terms of keywords.

Try Google Adword Keyword selection tool. It serves best to me. Analyze your site and get best keywords what your product meant for.

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Try IBS The Complete SEO software

Google Adword keywords is the best option.

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