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If all the links that Google finds to your web page are internal ones (within your domain) then the percentage would be 100, I suppose.

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M sorry to say but m not able to understand what is organic SEO I have heard about organic traffic which means the keywords given in your website and the related keywords from which you get traffic is called organic. And the traffic which your getting in your website whether its organic or references from other websites if its new then I am damn sure 100% that it will definitely effect our websites PR.

You just have to follow the Terms & Conditions as prescribed by Google.

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I don't really have an idea about this organic term or whatsoever but I think its all about having backlinks and traffic in a safe way or legal way. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Its just a thought...


It is not clear to me also, if you are doing search engine marketing then there also you need to do seo in PPC otherwise other is organic SEO.

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