Is there any free path to get 100% granted backlinks? I tried forum to get backlinks & I got backlinks. But its not gives 100% granted backlinks. So please anyone suggest me some Successful path.

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Sure. No problem. Craft content worthy of naturally influencing your off-site ranking factors.

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You can use Blog commenting to get links to your site. Go to good blogs from SEO/SEM experts and write meaningful comments, good source of links. And why not use to submit your content rich pages and will get a link back to your site.

happy link hunting!

Find related directories as well and register there.

Posting comments and article marketing are other that stil working well.

you should give effort and dedication whemn you are in field of SEO keep that in mind.

Thanks All For your informative reply....

Blog commenting and forum posting will help you in getting backlinks..

for 100% free back links, do blog commenting on good PR and instant approve blogs. this will give you the results you will never get from anywhere else.

Nothing 100% free good PR links .
Luck if you have 75%
Other point is the website worth to add it or not !

thanks all for your useful reply

Links from article directories are natural and can give you good link juice, it would automatically build links as well if your article has quality.

Hey try Blog Commenting, Classifieds, Press Release, Video Submissions, Guest Posting with these you can increase your backlinks as well as good traffic.

High Rank bookmarking sites might be helpful for generating more number of backlink.

Post a few articles on and you'll get permanent backlinks. You can also share all your content on Facebook and other social bookmarking sites. But you can't build your back links too fast or you will get in trouble with both Google and Bing.

Just do directory submission and social bookmarking if you really want backlinks.

There are many places to build backlinks to a site, you can use forums, blogs, directories, social sites for building links to your website, I would say.

Search Engines recommend Relevant and Unique content. So one should keep this thing in its mind before doing submissions.

You should take you time builing your back links too. If you build them too quickly Google will take notice and penalize your site. It happened to me last year and my blog never recovered after it was receiving 900+ visitors a day.

When I got penalized, I started receiving about 10 to 30 hits a day and that was only from people who bookmakred the blog! Be careful, take your time, and get a good mix of follow and no-follow links.

Great info. Thanks a lot.

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