AccurateAG 28 Junior Poster in Training

Hi All:

I have the following problem, and I am turning to the forum for a little insight.

I want to a link to Google Plus1 on my site. However, I am using GoDaddy's Websight Tonight website builder, and I find it to be maddening; things that should be easy to do, when you talk to tech support (a really nice feature of Godaddy) they say you can't do it! ARRRG!

I am unable to put a Google Plus 1 snippet and icon where I want it. I put in a link to my Google Profile, but I am unsure if this is secure or not. So, my questions are:

1. Is putting a link to my Google Profile secure?

2. Does anyone have a generalized URL for a Google+ link?

3. Can anyone provide me with a Google Plus icon of 40 X 40 pixels (the standard size on my icon bar)?

4. What is the easiest way to get Google Plus on my site?

Before you respond, please let me tell you I have ALREADY put the code snippet from Google on my website.

Thanks for your help.