Is it possible to do SEO for an French website ? I am afraid that I don’t know French. Suppose if I get the project then what are the possible steps do i need to follow to bring the respective website in the first place in Google SERP.

I'm in france, if you need some help, i'm here :)

For that you have to use Google adword tool..... use advance search option and select they target market, you'll find keyword for that market. Start optimizing that keyword and use niche relation directories, local listing and so on...

There's a good page about French SEO here - Since Google Panda / Penguin, it's essential that any French SEO you do must be in French. Having lots of links from English pages to a French website won't work and you're ideally looking for relevant and reasonably high PageRank links.

Why not? Just follow simple rules.

Or are you thinking problem is with nice links in your language?

having same problem of doing seo for Franch Website. Still I could not get the right solution. Please help for this

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