Keyword Analysis is the starting point of search marketing campaigns. Keyword analysis helps to increase conversions, find new markets, and optimize spend, but it requires time consuming examination and decision making.

*Optimize Spend: Distribute more budget to successful keywords and eliminate wasteful spending on those that aren't producing results.

*Eye Trends: Knowledge of keyword search frequency provides insight into market behavior which you can apply to multiple aspects of your business.

*Increase Conversions: Identifying and focusing on well-converting keywords is good for conversion rate optimization and return on investment (ROI).

*Prioritize Your Time: Keyword performance guides campaign importance--spend your time optimizing areas that have the biggest impact on your bottom line.

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The keywords analysis can be done with the help of keyword analysis tool of Google adwords and you can choose the keywords with high search volume and low Competition while keeping your Competitors in view..

Keyword analysis is one of the most important parts of seo and any form of online marketing and can be one of the main reasons an online marketing campaign can fail and not produce results. Keyword analysis is what a good seo company should do at the start of your campaign with them and they should see how competitive each term is and whether or not you have missed an important point.

Keyword analysis should be regular procedure if you want to be up-to-date with your site.
I would like to complement the list above with one additional point: keywords analysis helps you to find new markets. Use keyword analysis to expand your long tail efforts and discover more specific keyword queries and corresponding warm leads.

Keyword analysis is the most important part in SEO. If you don't have a good analysis report, you can't do the proper SEO. So try choosing the best keywords for you.

you have Google add word for this you can Analiese the search volume

If you got the right keyword than you won the half battle.

So far I think Market Samurai is the decent tool to help you in this matter.

But because of recently yahoo site explorer is closed hence their rank competition module is not providing the full details.

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