Hi, please tell me.
What type of factors Google use for given keyword ranking?

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Depends upon your back links, so try to get more backlinks with quality and relevant categories.

you can check what google considers your prime keywords using google webmaster tools..

activating them would need you to verify your website via ftp (uploading file)
or via the code (inserting a link)..

then wait a bit for the next time google scans your website and you will get a list of the keywords google thinks are most common / relevant in your website..among other statistics and information which are very useful..

Good luck, hope this helps

Google uses 100-200 different factors when delivering search results.

These factors are divided into on-site and off-site ranking influences.

On-site ranking elements include such things as: The Content, headings, logical naming conventions, web page title, emphasized words and phrases, image attributes, internal linking structure ...

The off-site ranking factors mostly refer to incoming links.

Quality of site content and external links

According to me it depend on some basic things just like
On your back links
on your website traffic
on your image optimization
your site theme should be relevant with your domain.

Google giving a best page rank in short time. But in 30% cases it is depends upon the back links, For best rank you must have to try to get more back links with unique comments and keywords.

Backlnks! Backlonks! Backlinks! A good onsite optimization is also key.

Depends upon your popularity of site through exchanging links and through article submission, forum posting, and many other methods google makes its index to websites.

Google give keyword ranking depend on On-site and Off-site SEO.

depend on your backlink of site.

It all depends on your Keyword that relates to your website
like if you are having web directory which is for <a href="www.f2key.com/submit.php" rel="up">add url</a> then better keyword
for that would be <a href="www.f2key.com/submit.php" rel="up">add site</a>, submit site

There are many factors behind the keywrod ranking but most imopratant factor is your back links with the same ancghor text that you are use in your keywrods.

It's depend on your quality backlinks.

In this simple questen you have ask about the toatal algorithum of Google that is depend upon more then two hundred fsactores , main things underconsidaration are content ,back link ,optimization , image links , metas of that site and quality of linking as well

analyzea answers is Authentic one ,

As I knowpagerank is depends on backlinks. If you have more quality backlinks then you are more able to get googd rank.

yeah, i think few of the contents should be required like back links
or website traffic

yeah , i thnk some of the contents shd be rquired just like back links or
on your website traffic

All it depends upon your off page and onpage works. if you had made some good backlinks and have nice traffic than you will become improve i read befor few days they use any eqation to define the pr of a website.

Google gives keywords ranking through quality of content, quality of backlinks, Social Media Reputation etc. And Keyword density, Proximity, Keywords in heading tag, images alt tag these are some of the points used for analysis.

Not so particular and sure but I heard there are 200 factors that Google considered and the biggest part of it is the Content.

Algorithm of Google is too complicated to understand, however, you have to use fresh content and build quality links for higher ranking in search engines.

High PR Dofollow backlinks will favour a lot.

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