I started using it some time ago! will look at the result

Yes this is the best way to promote a site but if you can do spamming in the forums then it is the very poor way to promote your site.

Forum posting is better way to get backlink and i like this forum(daniweb) very much.

I also used it, and I think forum postimg is a good way to increase ranking and page rank our site.

Forums posting is the good as well as most spamming way in the SEO. Avoid to become a spammer in this way Google drop your SR.

commented: ironic, from a sig spammer -2

digital point, sitepoint, warrior forum is my favourite ones!

Yup! I also using some time forum posting, where as like digitalpoint and daniweb aslo warrior also.

froum posting is relly good for your site. but when you want keywrod ranks please do more and more foums...

Ya I also like this community because brother here lots of threads which about you can discussed and get more knowledge. Apart from, for backlink it better option.

Yes forum Posting is a must to get maximum backlinks. Try to do it in a regular way.

Since I do it a lot I have a list of 74 that I use ( that allow signature and mostly are do follow ).
Also I have a list of about 150 that I tried but from various motives I don't do there forum posting.

Yeap i use it. For my keyword rank...

Forum posting, if used right, is a mine of gold as a backlinking method and rising in the serps. But you have to choose some authority forums with high pageranks and related to your niche and try to make relevant posts not to be considered a spammer. Respect the community and the community will help you grow.

Most forums, like Daniweb, use 'nofollow' so if you are looking for backlinks from this site, it's not going to happen. If you would like to contribute to the discussions and be a part of a community (like it used to be on here), please do. Spam posts are killing most of the forums which is sad.

Most forums, like Daniweb, use 'nofollow' so if you are looking for backlinks from this site, it's not going to happen.

To take it a step further, signatures are not shown at all to guests (which includes bots).

One should always participate in forums of his experties, or if he want to learn something form a forum. Forums are a great place to learn and share knowledge and not just for the sake of some back links. Links to your site could be used if you want few more referals but must keep in mind if it is relevant only then you can get some targeted visits.

I participate in SEOChat, Daniweb and Webmasterworld.

Forum Posting is best way to get back links of the site.

Yes, I topo love this forum very much.. Forum Posting is really a White Hat SEO technique to get SERP faster. And, moreover we will increase our knowledge about particular topic from forums easily..!

All that forums that have a strong PR and is relevant to the niche of your website that impact a huge impact on your rankings as well as the traffic
Daniweb is a good forum but you can also search high forums in Google

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