My company has a PPC account with Google, naturally. We've been getting about 2 automated calls a day from Google inquiring about weather or not we would like our company to be listed in their directory.

I know this sounds silly, but my boss wants me to find out if this is necessary, and weather or not it can help or harm us in any way.

(I'm assuming it would be a good thing to be listed...BUT what do I know?)

Any suggestions, opinions or input would be great.

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I doubt these calls are originating from Google. Probably scammers.

well we do get automated phone calls sometimes regarding our PPC account stats and all that, so i feel like it might be legit. idk

Next time they call, tell them that you are interested and ask them to send an email with their proposal, so that you can evaluate it. Either that, or just say NO!!.
And its "whether" , not "weather".

Lol thank you for the grammar correction, sparketing. ^_^ Haha.

Ask for the persons email and phone # next time and you will know if it is legit.

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