One of the best ways to improve your Web site marketing is to analyze the existing traffic to your Web site. Until you understand who is coming and why, it'll be difficult to improve. There four ways to analyze Web site traffic:

* Install a counter on your Web page
* Use your ISP's statistical package
* Purchase Web traffic analysis software
* Employ an outside firm to audit your Web traffic
In short, traffic analysis allows you to ask questions which help you fine-tune your Web marketing strategy. Web marketing without statistical analysis is like learning to drive blindfolded. At best, ineffective, at worst, dangerous.

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Good Info.

Web Analytics software is definitely a necessity, and with Google Analytics, it's free to boot. If you find yourself needing more powerful software, you can make the move when the time is right and you have the resources to support it.

Great post, Jody. It's incredibly true, too.

I wrote a blog post a few months ago about some great analytics packages that you can start with.

Google Analytics really has it all, but if you want to get a little more out of analysis, you could try other packages. Microsoft Gatineau is being launched soon which is going to be the competitor to Google Analytics. I plan on using both. :)

Thanks for information . Select the website analysis tool that will help track the users and keywords.

google webmaster tools help me a lot for this issue.
but sometime it takes too long to open it

anyway nice brief jody

Nice post! also Google Analytics makes it easy to improve your results online. It is free to all advertisers, publishers and site owners.

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