My site is [BEING SPAMMED HERE QUITE ENOUGH HERE THANK YOU - LINK DELETED] but I don’t know set page title optimal.
There are a few clarifications that I require about the title of a web page. What is the relevance and significance of a page title and how much time does it take to become operative? Is there any kind of symbol or a specific word limit with which I should be familiar? If this is the case then what are the things that I should remember while creating a web page? Is it true that adding a keyword to the title helps to increase the competence and the productivity of the website? In fact, all that my client needs is to increase traffic. How can I change the length under such circumstances?

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Good page titles are very important.

Search engines use the <title> element as a means of indexing sites. If your web page doesn’t have a descriptive title the search engines will give it a lower ranking than other pages. The title is displayed as the link text in search engine results.
The tile displays at the top of the browser window or in the tab, describing the page in the browser. If someone bookmarks your site, the title is used in the bookmark. A good title is better than "untitled".

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