Is there any process for IP optimization?

For example:

If my site's server is located in USA. Can I optimize my site's IP address to get higher position for USA in SERP?

I think you are wrong with this question. I have not heard about IP optimization. It should be a site optimization. you can optimize your site not a IP.

I don't believe the IP address of the server affects SEO. However, the domain extension does. For example, emphasizes targeting people in the UK, etc. You can also go to Google Webmaster Tools at where you can specify a country to target.

IP optimization is basically a part of networking where a person gets a live IP and makes variations in it in such a way that it can be distributed to several people for use.
and there is no such thing as you say as IP optimization for getting higher ranking in search results.
but yes you can always set your geographic location in Google Webmaster Tool if you want to rank higher in US

I am agree with the Web triangle. IP address doesn't make any effect on SEO. And if you wanna target the visitor from particular location then you can specify that location in Google Webmaster Tool.

IP optimization cannot help you in ranking for a particular country. If you want optimization for a particular country, you can specify the area name in the meta details.

IP optimization is a process of the company to program their resources to be able to take full advantage of the IP resource value of the company. Company make use of this IP optimization to help them differentiate and arrange for their IP security purposes only. So, IP optimization has no relevance in terms of getting higher position for USA in SERP.

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