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Well, I have just been notified that Google PageRank is updated in some periods of time. Well, let's suppose that it will have been updated in August, but my PageRank increased from 3 to 4 now. Will it have effects in my serch terms today, or jut in August when it is updated?

My page is: <plug snipped>

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Don't put any faith at all into Google toolbar pagerank. Google still factors pagerank into its algorithm, but it has an interal pagerank that it uses, and whatever it says in the toolbar is always wrong.

Back in the day (a long time ago), toolbar PR has a meaning, but too many SEOs started using it to buy and sell text links. Therefore, in an effort to stop that practice, Google started pushing "phony" data out to the toolbar and not updating it very regularly at all.

I am agree with cscgal.It is not necessary that Google increases your page rank it also can down you PR

Google increases yo

Normally Google updates its page rank in few time in a year and the update dates is not shared by them. One think that I would tell you to not to think for page rank after penguin updates now there is no value for page rank that is not a factor of search enine ranking.

Try to collect quality backlinks for your website. And you will get your pr update in next updation