I have just started SEO of a website and it shows desired result in google, but I want to get good position in Yahoo also. So please suggest me some good tactic of SEO for Yahoo. Thanks In Advance.

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i think both are the same you can follow the guidelins as you are working for the google. you will get index in yahoo too.

Yahoo gives some importance to meta keywords tag as well try optimizing on page factors of your webpages to get good ranking in yahoo as well.

There are little bit changes in both polices about on site changes , so that you can do as in Google , but do so activites extra like yahoo answers

ohhhhh finally we got some information on yahoo optimization.. but we need more so share more as all of you can..

There are little bit difference google and yahoo SEO technique when we are seeing good position in yahoo search engine then follow yahoo seo algorithm.

yahoo is good social network for increase our backlink.

You can optimize your sitre on yahoo in the same way as Google but you have relaxvction over there that keyword stuffing in yahoo ins allowed , you can take advantage from this

i agree with Analyzea , she is right

If you want to promote your website in Yahoo, than the main thing is you will add your website in yahoo directory ( Yahoo is paid directory). If you unable to paid then see your competitor in yahoo for top ranking & see what they are doing, in which website they promote their website, than you must have do same things.

Both Google and Yahoo follows different SEO techniques. Don't use frames as Yahoo spiders cannot follow frameset links. The major areas on Yahoo for high ranking are:-
-Keyword Dendity
-Site Structure

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