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I love to tell you something about article posting. Here so many seo expert try to build number of links from a single article. Means a single article has posted on number of sites. Now according to the Google recent updates in algorithm this is cause of penalty on particular keyword **means who will loss your ranking for time period and this time of penalty is totaly depends on your bulk of link building on your keyword.
If any knows more about this please make it share with us. Or any one **disagree
with me make let me know.

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I'm sorry, but I'm having a hard time understanding you. Are you talking about the Penguin algorithm update, which is targeted towards black hat SEO practices and unnatural link building??

There are two different types of Google penalizations: algorithmic and manual. Manual means that a Google employee sees you doing obvious black hat techniques, and therefore slams you with a manual ban. The only way to fix this is to file a reinclusion request with Google through Google Webmaster Tools. Algorithmic algorithms means that something in Google's automated system has detected what it believes to be black hat, and therefore is hitting you with a penalty. This penalty might last for a predetermined amount of time, or it might be lifted the next time Google crawls your site and sees you're not engaging in the black hat techniques anymore, or it could simply correct itself the next time the algorithm is run. Or, it could be permanent ;)

I love to read your informative post.
And i am talking about technique that most of the SEO expert use in their link building. And for these type of SEO experts article is one the best way to build huge quantity of link on various site with a single article.
That's why i am sharing, If you are using this type of spamming technique, stop doing that.
And also asking for if i am wrong please make me correct.

"And also asking for if i am wrong please make me correct."
I am also asking that if I am wrong then please correct me.
... correct me if I am wrong I'm asking ...
... wrongfully correct ask why me please also I am ...

Dont understand What does it mean

Firstly your content should be fresh and innovative quality. One article content should be post on one submission article site.

Article Marketing does still work, but you must make sure to submit a unique article to each site.

Article marketing dropeed its value after article directory lost place in google algorthm.

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