hie webmasters..
recently i due to server crash i chnged d server of my site..
after the changes my google analytic is showing zero visitors since one week..
help me out..!!should i reinstal the tracking code..??

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Moving web pages from one server to another does not alter Analytics ability to track your web pages. You need to physically remove the code from the web pages to accomplish this.

how can i remove the code from webpages ...?

You can remove a snippet of code within the <head> of the HTML document using an HTML editor or text editor. Save it then replace the old file on the server.

there is another problem in your analytics , generate the code again and put it into your site

thanks all for their suggestions..

i think its better to apply another analytics code o nthe web site to save the time

You have to reamove code and again put fresh code in your pages.

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