hello friends i have a one question.
i have a web site and i have up to 2100 visitors last 3 dyas. but my alexa rank did not change yet. why???
i have some php scripts in forums and some counter flags in to see my visitors
but my alexa rank is still 17 lac and some things.
i m really up set and have no idea about this please some one guide me why my alexa rank is not changed and when will b impalement?????

i m waiting for yours answers:-/

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Alexa rank is not that important. I only worry about traffic!

The best way to improve an Alexa ranking is to install the toolbar and just visit your own site a few times a day

Alexa rank is influenced by web visitors to your web site, that have the Alexa tool bar installed.
how many people do you know, that have the Alexa tool bar? as mentioned before, the rank is not important.

Alexa ranking depennds on your keywords popularity. You have good pagerank but you are not getting customer only because of keyword selection.

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