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What is different between web 2.0 websites and do-follows blogs and Blogs websites

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There is no difference! Do Follow blogs and other blogs all constitute web 2.0 sites. The popular medium that is effectively used to have a better and two way exchange of communication. Many seo's are using web 2.0 sites to get quality backlinks and there is nothing wrong until you're using fresh and useful content to link your main site.

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Web2.0 is simply related to websites that are Social Bookmark.

web 2.0 web sites are social networking agree with pankajrocks


A web 2.0 sites allows users to interact and collaborate with each other ina social media.It is used in information sharing.Example of web 2.0 is social networking sites,blogs,video sharing sites etc...

Web 2.0 is link wheel method that are also social bookmarking and blog posting etc .

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