I think its always best to do test campaigns on all types of CPA platforms. Many work different for different types of offers.

Adwords is the best one which gives you more traffic to your website. You can't promote affiliates offers on Google adwords.

I have tried Facebook advertising twice now with no decent result. AdWords has had a mixed result depending on the level of competition, but at the very least it brings in some website traffic.

well i tired both services but i got good result from google adword as compare to facebook ads so in my opinion go for adword:)

Yes it is true, adwords is better but for CPA and affiliate programs the sites need to be high quality to avoid penalties.

Cost Per Action and facebook marketing both are good. As through CPA we can get more traffic and through facebook we can get direct contact to people and can know the response.

Both have their Pro and Contras, but as per my own preference I would go for Adword

Another option for advertising is media buying or ezine

Media buying means buying adspace through specialized
advertising companies. You can often get better deals
than in Adwords.

In ezine advertising you are using to your advantage
a fact that someone already has a list of buyers who
trust his advice and therefore you can often get high
click through rates for your ads - more people end
up buying your product.

The trick is how to choose the correct advertisers and
what to offer to get a sale. See also the free ebook on
ezine advertising for some more info.

Adwords or Facebook advertising both are good. But according to latest survey Facebook Ad campaigns are more beneficial.

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