How can we select effective keyword for our websites? Please specify.

keywords are considered as a building block of SEO process.So it becomes very necessary to select appropriate keywords for the website. You can use keyword research tools for finding effective keywords.

Use Google Ad word keyword Tool.

You can search the effective keyword with search rankings.

Then using it You can get targetted visitor for your site.

Used the Google adword tool that one is the best keywords selecter toll.

use Google adverd's for selection of keyword's..

For keyword research we used the google adword keyword tool. But as i think best way to finialize the keyword is just going thorugh your competitors keywords and then set your target.

choose the keywrod which suits to your bsuiness and they shoud be describing your products and services.

just follow one tip this would make your alot your easier....only select High Searches and low compitition keywords or keyword which have high rate...

I think guys, there are many free article available over intrnet so you first read it carefully before seleting the keywords or, we can also use google addword keywords tool.

Use Long tail keyword phrases its a better and easy for get high rank in search engine optimization. As a Anchor-text you can use your link with exact and Wide keywords.

Visit this link, it has effective startegies in picking keyword.

you can find keywrods from adword keyword tool.
and you have to choose those keywords which have a competition law and searches high.

Google Adwords keyword tool is very effective, you must use this tool for keyword selection.