Hi all,
Please share some useful tips for running PPC in good direction.How to select the Anchor Text for PPC.What are the basic things that we should care when running PPC?

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Try to target low costs clicks with a descent a amount of searches, if you narrow it down enough you can make your money back with every click.

For PPC, be sure to make sure your whole campaign is aligned. Quality score is the most important variable in the cost of your campaign (for adwords and some other big portals) so make sure your copy, your landing page, and everything else is as targeted to the keyword you are bidding on as possible.

Hi all,
Please share some useful tips for running PPC in good direction.How to select the Anchor Text for PPC.What are the basic things that we should care when running PPC?

For PPC first be sure to create the ad that can attract the people to click on it. And in your ppc ad use such words that familiar with the people and they can know that here can be the place for their need. So whenever you go for the ppc method then think as you are common person and then you can create such ad that will definitely allow the person to click on your ad and you will get the benefit this way.

Before running ppc campaigns make sure you've done you're research and you know the keywords that convert to sales. Usually long tail keywords produce more conversions. Try to find words that have less competition and this will likely lead to more conversions.


Before starting PPC, right keyword selection is necessary and very important one.

Try to maintain your quality score as it will help you in getting low CPC & high position.

Before running your PPC, look through the following things very properly:
1. goal of your campaign
2. keywords set (including negative keywords)
3. your ads positioning and targeting
4. constant tracking.

It may seem trivial but make sure you read all of the terms and conditions when entering into a PPC program. Most of the time they are straight forward but sometimes a minor oversight can lead to big problems. You should always run within the confines of the rules or you may risk the termination of your account.

Before starting PPC, right keyword selection is necessary

Can anybody explain what is PPC? How its help in web designing?

Before starting PPC, right keyword selection is necessary

agree. and you need to decide a specific market for your website, have full list of keywrods, research demand topic to your website that is mostly searched. do these to prevent problems in the future.

Thanks for the information. Does PPC depend on only the good advertising only?

I would say that find some less competitive niches first, and go for lowest price of keywords.

And you should have good money to spend on ppc advertising, the thing is you need to test product, which product converts good then you have to go with that.

The key to successful Pay Per Click advertising, therefore, is effective advertisements that attract Internet users with simple copywriting, clear information and an appealing, easy-to-understand layout.

The quality score depends on the following criteria:

  1. Click Through Rate
  2. Ad Relevancy (Ad title)
  3. Search Query Relevancy
  4. Adwords Account History
  5. Display URLs
  6. Quality of the Landing Page
  7. Geographic Performance

The above are the major factors that determine the quality score of your ad. Your quality score defines the CPC. If your quality score is better than your competitors, you can get the ad placed on the 1st place with lesser bidding for the relevant keyword.

Hope this is helpful.

Many peoples prefer high searches keywords for PPC purpose that is not fruitful decision. Choose low searches keyword, with give you good conversion.Becuse hight searches keyword's CTR is also very hight and there is no guarantee for conversion.

I think PPC is depend on sarech keyword. Select low seraches keyword for better conversion.

This is really informative... Thanks to all of you

Some useful tips about running PPC

-Stay away from broad keyword phrases, and even single keywords.
-Don't just dump your visitors on your web site's homepage and expect them to do all the work. If they have to search around your site, you'll likely lose them.
-Choose relevant keywords.
-Deliver a relevant and unique landing page.
-You mustcontinue the sales process.

Pay per click campaigns can be incredibly effective traffic generators. Although achieving PPC search engine rankings is more difficult and competitive than when it began,the number of online users that employ search engines has grown substantially, so there is a significantly larger audience to be reached.Here are some following general tips in your PPC campaigns:
• Chase the Tail
• Read the Fine Print
• Make It Easy

How to decide the budget before running PPC ?anyone, explain the proper way to run the ppc campaigns and get proft and generate the leads.

PPC is a way to increase the webpage rank very instantly but it is more risky and cost effective way.For running this project you have to proper command on the all issues that can occur during this.Because this project can also fall down the ranking of your webpage if anyone dont know its all aspects.


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